Saturday, December 20, 2008


.....On mY SouL!

GOD iS GooD =NoThinG tO dO
ACTUALLy pLenTy thaT NeeDs tO bE DoNe..
jusT No EneRGy tO Do iT.
--iT taKeS nO eNergY tO PLaY iN PhoToShoP.
i LOvE mY MaC


Pierre De Lune said...

You are spectacular also….and very funny!!!
It's perfect !!!

neene said...

it does take energy
but when things are done with love
that is the energy
the trick is to love everything
especially your self
then the energy is there

(not that i have mastered this
they say if you can't do it,
you can always teach it)