Thursday, February 5, 2009


ThiS TriP wE caLL LiFe.
ThiS eXperiMenT We caLL SeLFs
FuNNy hoW HoNesTLy SubconsciouSLy iT caN ShoW UpS aNd DowNs
i tOO doN'T beLieVe iN 'PuTTinG oN a Happy FaCe..
iN facT i don'T eVen woRRy aBouT beinG recUmBeNt iN oVeR 50% oF thE PiCs
IT's jusT hoW i aM aT 61 yRs oLd....
USeD uP/SeMi SiCk==The Dr.s saY i'Ve goT a LiVeR DiseaSe.
WhooP-Dee -dEE..
PaiN 40% oF thE tiMe..
oH WeLL..
i StiLL feeL LiKe iF i JusT puT uP wiTh the PaiN i couLd liVe unTiL i'M 120 yeaRs oF aGe..
By thaT tiMe thE PaiN wouLd cauSe me to NoT bE aBle tO Do aNy thinG==
aNd i meaN LiKe Go tO thE BathrooM By MyselF..
i knoW oNe thinG aS i LiVe aNd BreaThe i don'T wanT aNyoNe to haVe tO Wipe mY BuTT..
i'LL jusT stoP EaTinG wheN thaT tiMe CoMes..

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neene said...

i think chronic pain is one of life's biggest challenges

i know that one of my favorite feelings/sensations is the dull ache of a headache that signifies that it is fading and will be gone soon