Wednesday, August 26, 2009


RaMbLiNgS froM a stiLL LiViNg MiNd:
(baReLy,,, buT --> stiLL_ ))
FoR hoW LoNg, LORD,
WiLL thiS gO oN?
FLaT oN mY BacK i'M fiNe.
=eVeN PosiTiVe. { conTeNteD }
BuT iT iS noT whaT a 'NormaL' persoN thinKs oF aS a LiFe oR LiViNg.
i'M noT iN PaiN jusT MaLaiSe
i jusT feeL LiKe eVerythinG gooD haS aLreaDy haPPeneD aNd iT iS tiMe tO MoVe oN...
oH suRe, eVerY suNriSe aNd suNseT iS NeW aNd DifferenT AND BeautiFuL==
BuT whaT's thE poiNt ?

∞GOD iS iN CoNtroL.
∞GOD iS GooD..†
WhaTeVeR _HE waNTs wiLL Be..
sO i'LL jusT WaiT aNd keeP PLaYinG iN PS oN mY beLoVeD MAC..

1 comment:

neene said...

the point is not to judge
to just be
sometimes acceptance has a way of clearing blocks
better than struggle

can you imagine i am saying this?
i suppose that's why they say:
"if you can't do it,
you can always teach it"