Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"YoUuuuuu cAn, iF YOu liKe, cRoSs yoUR haNds oVer youR cheSt oR ovEr Your abDOmen. AnY pLace you'D Like tO pUt thEm thAt heLps yOu tO fEEl saFer. Your GOal heRe iS tO bL abLe tO bE compLeteLy QUiet aNd caLm fOR aT leaSt a miNuTe oR tWo - tHat's thE goAl. IF yoU caN bB quieT anD caLm foR moRe thAn A miNute oR twO thaT's gOOd."

aNd / oR

'OuR FATHER, WHO aRt iN HeaVeN.......'

peaCe & LOVE,,,

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