Sunday, May 2, 2010

JuNK MaiL $$$$$ oFFeR¬¬¬sEE BeLoW

oH, YeaH SuRe..
iF THE LORD waNTeD mE tO haVe moRe $$$$ thaN whaT HE proViDeS noW
~ By HIS ProviDenCe HE WouLD\WiLL ProViDe iT.............

1 comment:

neene said...

looks good to me
i just had my first breakfast in a long time at home, in the sun, with the cats...
i've been so consumed with the abramovic project, it keeps me uncharacteristically away from home
and the weather has been yucky

i know i have been remiss in commenting, my verbal brain just gets so fried keeping up with my posts,
but i do think of you lots,
everyday my amaryllis foliage brings joy and a little reminder