Saturday, July 10, 2010

••••••••••TheRe iS No ReaSoN tO ThiNkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

••••••••••aBouT aNythinG NeGaTiVe--------
=sucH aS mayBe a "'losT' LoVe" oR ___WhaT==?
BecauSe GOD iS iN ConTroL!

HE maDe iT, HE caN TaKe iT.
BecauSe HE knoWs whaT wE NeeD aNd WhaT iS beST foR eaCh iNdividuaL SouL....

AND+++++++++++++++~froM David Jeremiah's turninG PoinT ToDaY..
... went on to say that in God's providence even ... burdens have produced blessings. "All my sufferings, by the admirable management of Omnipotent Goodness, have concurred to promote my spiritual and eternal good."~~~froM David Jeremiah's turninG PoinT ToDaY..

† † † † † † 
i LoVe, YOU LORD....= OmnipotenT GoodneSS...!

ThaNk YOU foR taKinG caRe oF mE,,,mE,,, mEeeee.....
PEACE OUT````````````````````````````````

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