Friday, August 13, 2010

WaiT oN The LORD! †  †  †  †  †  †  ∞

GOD iS MasTeR oF aLL ThinGs...
aLL LoVe cOMes froM HIM....
tO bE BLeSSeD wiTh sOMeONe tO LoVe iS tO bE toucheD bY HoLiNeSS..

TheRe iS LusT aNd theRe iS LOvE

iF wE saY wE 'loVe' sOMeoNe aNd JESUS_CHRIST isn'T iN thE equatioN,
theN iT iS jusT earthLy LusT..
SuRe theRe maY bE sOMe altruisM invoLveD buT iT iS stiLL:
yoU scratch mY baCK, aNd i'LL scratch yourS,,,

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