Thursday, March 12, 2009


GOD iS iN CoNtroL

i haD thiS PrinTeD aNd FraMeD by/Through _ _ ...
iT reaLLy PleaSeS mE & thE QuaLiTy oF theiR woRK seeMs ToP NoTcH=
GraDe A.
WeLL iT wouLd cosT mE $2500-4000 to geT mY owN PrinteR..
aNd theN i wouLd haVe tO Pay sOMeOne eLse tO/4 FraMe/inG...
i reaLLy don'T haVe thE tiMe oR eNeRgY tO dO aLL thaT..
iT wouLd bE niCe tO bE aBLe tO puLL a CoPy aT eaSe aNd PronTo buT
oH weLL...
iT's noT a PeRfeCt WorLd..
(HeaVeN WiLL Be THOUgh))
oOHh HaPPy DaYyyyy

1 comment:

neene said...

glad to see you did that
i never do...
print them out...
it scares me
scares me that they won't hold up as objects...
the screen is easy
hides a multitude of sins