Saturday, March 28, 2009


SaTuRdaY iS,,,,,........
WhaT a WorLd.
GOD iS GooD..
TheRe aRe a LoTs oF CraZyNeSSs GoinG oN...
iT iS haRd tO KeeP WaNtinG tO eXisT
YeT mY LiTTLe coRNeR oF thE worLd iS CaLm aNd PerFeCt..
My MoM LoVeS tO waTch thE TV..
aNd i geT SucKeD iNto thaT NoNsenSe..
oF PeopLe noT HaPPy wiTh whaT GOD haS proViDed..
(((aNd i don'T beLieVe aNythinG haS chanGed sinCe BHO goT thE PreSiDenCy..000
ThE oNlY thinG thaT chanGeD iS thE FoCuS oF thE DiScoNteNt...
CertaiN PeopLe goT 'HoPe' wiTh The ELecTioN ..
aNd The RemainDeR [thE LooSeRs] goT FeaR...
To SoMe The U.S. waS aLreaDy ThE CaT's MeoW aNd noW thoSe aReN'T sO SuRe aNyMoRe..
aNd YeT oTheRs NoW ThinK thaT WhaTeVeR HaPPeNs wiLL bE BeTTeR thaN WhaT WaS...
i SaY "GOD iS iN ConTroL"
aNd thiS worLd iS F_ _ _eD eiTheR WaY..
/`CaLGoN`\ TaKe mE aWaY....


neene said...

but isn't it the collective belief, the collective energy, the collective hope, that will facilitate change?

isn't god the some total of all that's been created

i know some people may have more fear, but our fate is not only determined by the climate of our country but by that of the entire globe and i believe there is more good will now, than there was before

i do believe in the power of energy
and what i feel now
gives me hope for change

neene said...

(obviously i meant "sum total"
my mind really plays the oddest tricks on me)