Saturday, April 4, 2009


Ha a DiFFerenT ShirT..
GoT DreSSeD toDaY tO Go ouT oF thE HouSe aNd iNto PuBLiC.
NoTeS regarDinG PiC:
TeeTh aRe suCh a ThinG.
iF theY aRe gooD
aLL thE BeTTeR
iF theY aRe missinG oR reaLLy 'BaD' theN ShaMe oN SoMeoNe.
noT o.K.
My FoLks speNT a SmaLL FortuNe oN MiNes (sic)
aNd eVeN sO theY aRe jusT 'so so"
aLmosT aLL haVe fiLLinGs aNd soMe aRe maDe totaLLy oF PlaStiC

oH WeLL..i aM ThanKfuL 4 WhaTeVer
I thinK PeopLe wiTh PerfecT TeeTh aRe especiaLLy BleSSeD HuMaN BeinGs
BLeSSinGs tO aLL ..
PeaCe ouT
(no PS toDaY

1 comment:

neene said...

some things are genetic
some environmental
some a result of action/inaction
some combination of the above

my situation:
the material
(and i have been blessed here)
is nothing without the spiritual
the work is my religion
without connection there is only emptiness
if my mother was in a place to reflect back to me
some true essence of being
that might be a solution
if i were inspired by travel that also might help
but my journey has always been inward
so that is where i must go
to find an answer
i am not complaining
but i am scared