Monday, April 13, 2009


OuT ToDaY aNd AbouT

ThiS WaLL arT haS FaDeD a LiTTLe ///
\\\eVerY tiMe i PaSS thiS waLL=
i wiSh i haD a CaMeRa...
BuT toDaY aFteR VoLunteeRinG aT tHe LaB
i FinaLLy StoPPeD aNd GoT iT...
(wiTh a LittLe biT oF sLoPPy PS arounD thE edGeS tO reMoVe soMe neaRbY ApaRTmenT BuiLdinGs aNd a TrucK...]
````````DeTaiL BeLoW--frOM CaR winDoW---SoMetiMeS thaT D70 taKeS niCe PiCs```````````````````````````````

1 comment:

neene said...

how sweet
always listen to that little voice