Friday, May 8, 2009


24x36 "WraP-aRouNd" mounTeD PriNt
~$180 w/5 daY DeLiVeRy!=noT thaT That maTTeRs tO mE
PreTTy CooL--+ eXpenSiVe=oH weLL,,,,
--i WouLd LiKe mY oWn LarGe ForMaT PrinTeR
\BuT tHe JoB oF WraPPinG/sTretchinG--Noooo WaaaaaY, JoSé...

eVeR siNce i goT mY CompuTeR~[[[ i LOVE mY MAC]]]
aNd theN DiscoVeReD PhotoShoP

ThiS haS beeN a GoaL ^^^
[[[ tO maKe PiCs liKe mY oLd PainTinGs]]]
%%% iT eVeN sMeLLs liKe freSh aCRyLiCs %%%
GOD aNsweRs PraYeR
PeaCe ouT
InfiniTy aNd BeyoNd

1 comment:

neene said...

how excellent
it's beautiful

i try never to think about the $$$ i spend on my work