Tuesday, June 2, 2009


beFoRe geTTinG ouT oF BeD i PraY eVerY DaY {4LeandroE!}=> thaT mY HearT iS iN The RighT PLace..

````````````````````````aT arMs LengTh= MACbookPRO/i-PHoToBooTh\PS3 TyPe
thiS i KNOW:
i LoVe whaT iS GOOD
~(caN i LoVe yoU 2?)
``I KNOW that _HE LoVeS mE!
((wiLL yoU LeT _HIM LoVe yoU 2?))
doeS aNy oF thiS maKe senSe??

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