Monday, June 22, 2009


>>>ouTsiDe iN tHe JuNgLe
+iT's a BrighT suNNy DaYs
>>>>>>>>LooK whaT i FouNd caughT iN tHe BucKeTs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

i'M LiKe haVinG aN iNvaSioN/ iNfestatioN oF theSe thinGs=WaLkinG-sTicKs=tHEY aRe EVeRYwHERE!!!FRoNT/BaCk/aS LoNG aS theY StaY ouTsiDe
theN iT's aLRighT bY/wiTh mE
{Doot dOO -N-doo DooT -n-Doo}–––“[liKe LaLaLalaLA LA la}“ i gueSS i'M jusT HaPPy ToDaY {Tra La La} =""""i founD a BuG"""""

[(BeTTeR thaN FroGs oR LocuSt)
i suPPoSe..]
**2 mE aLL iNsecTs aRe a woNdeR oF ∞GOD's CreatioN∞.
iT seeMs oNe doesn'T neeD to LooK tO outeRspaCe foR
ouT oF thiS worLd speCieS
aNd eVeN,
'WhaT a WorLd' wE fiNd ourSeLveS iN....
∞InfiNiTe diVersiTY..
SoMe mighT looK aT thiS aS thE/a SupreMe exaMpLe oF seLecTiVe ProtecTiVe aDaptatioN..
=TheSe guYs =FamiLy PhaSmaTidae= aRe VERy haRd to See aMonG deaD PlaNts MateriaL...
**i ThinK iT moRe adequaTeLy exaMpLeS _∞HIS∞_ totaL InfiNiTeLy∞ DiVerSe aNd CoMpLeX SysTeM oF LiFe's NiCheS oF ExistenCe.
[[ ThiS pooR uNfoRtuNaTe BaBy=loSt a LeG\oR couLd/wouLd iT bE aN aRm?\???]]
iT's a WoNdeRfuL LiFe!
ThaNks B 2 ∞JESUS∞CHRIST∞!!!
thaT's GOOD!!!
{{{@PEACE ouT!}}}

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