Wednesday, July 1, 2009


7 AM

G_D knOWs i don'T waKe uP coMpLeTeLy untiL ~9 oR 10
buT i'M haViNg 'iSSueS' wiTh mY aiRporT coNNectioN
Da_n EarthLinK==so i'Ve commiTTeD $7.95/mO.x12--[[[earLy Termination PenaLtY]]
foR theM to teLL me hOW tO conFiGuRe iT aLL--
WeLL we'LL jusT sEE...
( i can'T stanD aLL theSe wiReS!!= aT thiS momenT i'M eTherneT wire/cable connected by/with to thE moDeM..0000

JESUS, heLp mE geT iT StraighteneD ouT ...
No jusT cOMe aNd TaKe mE "HOMe"
wiTh aLL duE respecT: GeT mE ouT oF heRe

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