Monday, July 20, 2009


new-neW--nEW---NEW caMeRa(sss)
NiKoN D-700 + 50mm leNs
``````````````````````````````ThiS iS ThE LIfE----[miNeS aNyWaY]]
[= my uSuaL ''coMpuTiNg'' poStuRe--YeaH= hoRiZoNtaL aNd uP CloSe
{{ mY suBstiTuTe 4 S e X
{{{ i LOvE mY MAC

(_gooD shoT oF poT beLLy, BiLL ))))----( weLL, iT doeS kEEp thE compuTer froM sLiDinG oFF=haHAhahhaieweo))))))
{({ 1/2 CenTuRy oF FasT FooD + DecaDenT DesserTs })}
{{jusT goTTa saY NO tO FaTs + SuGaRs}}}
GOD iS GooD!


1 comment:

neene said...

but it gets soooooooooooo hot
(the mac of course)