Saturday, September 5, 2009



aNotheR weeKenD.
PraiSe thE LORD!
ThiS facT haS meaNT sO mucH tO mE foR oVeR 1/2 a CentuRy *aLL thE weeKs/DaYs oF schOOL & WorkiNG--
iT reaLLy haS nO releVance aNyMoRe==eVeN durinG thE laSt scoRe oF yeaRs wheN i wouLd worK 7daYs/wK==thE weeKenDs haD a diFFereNt fLaVoR aBouT iT\thEM!!--(sLoWeR-LeSS HecTiC!)
BuT noW iN mY retaRdaTeD lIFe====eVerydaY iS LiKe SuNdaY....
iT iS HeaVeNLy!!!!
i thinK thiS feeLinG iS whY sO maNy AmeriCaNs aRe haPPy wiTh a SociaLisT/CoMMuNisT=MarXisT forM oF biG GoV'T..
WheRe The FeDs taKe caRe oF eVerythinG..
TheN theRe iS nO resPOnsiBiLiTy..
EveryThinG iS taKeN caRe oF == a PerSoN iS toLd whaT hE oR sHe caN aNd caN'T dO...}}}

∞GOD iS iN CoNtroL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
∞GOD iS GooD† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †


iLOVE yoUuuuuuuu eacH
I love YOU ALL
[oH, yeaH,,+HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!!!!
PEACE OUT~~~~~~~

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neene said...

i was always almost freelance
and always have worked on the weekends
and have always been slightly taken aback
when asked
what i am doing for the weekend
how my weekend was
but after years of hearing these things
i find myself saying them
go figure