Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FuLL MooN tomoRRoW....

i jusT don'T liKe darkneSS aT aLL..
i meaN oNe caN aLwaYs gO inT a closeT aNd haVe iT..
BuT outsiDe wheN iT iS darK theRe iS noThinG theRe..
wiTh no MooN iT iS liKe beinG totaLLy bLinD...
i don'T thinK i wouLd wanT tO LiVe==
iN facT i knoW i wouldn'T..
≈tO bE dependenT oN soMeonE eLse wouLd noT bE a BLeSSinG tO Me

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