Sunday, March 7, 2010

SONdaY___& fiNaL touCheS frOM YeSteRdaY's PLaYing\YaNgiNgggg=kkkkkk

[[[WheRe's WaLLy?]]]
{ CaN yoU sEE aNy diFFeRenCe?...}
(( NoT thaT iT MaTTeRs..))

i waS looKinG aT mY FlicKR--> <-- aNd noTiCinG ThE simiLaritieS aND/Vs thE diFFeReNceS
TheY aLL LooKs thE SaMe...
TheY aRe aLL DiFFeReNT!

i thinKs i'LL prinT thiS veR. ^^^^
WhY MaKe ThiS aRtZ??
BecauSe iT'S theRe\posSibLe; + iT'S aLL i caN/aM aBLe tO dO
& beCauSe i doN'T waNT'! tO dO aNy thinG eLsE..{{spoiLeD braT,,,}} yeaH:
""LiVe FrEE oR diE"
PeaCe ouT!
∞GOD iS GooD†
thaT'S iT NOW

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