Friday, June 25, 2010

TrY thiS oN foR siGHeYeZeeeeeee:::::::>>>>>10AM

{smaLL thoughTs=HeRe}¬
aNytiMe i goEs oFF mY DieT
{ puRe FresH HeaLthY, nutritioN |n(y)oōˈtri sh əs| }
ªFoR iNstanCe:
–æXcessiVe FaTs +/oR SwEEπS,,,
i aM eMbarKiNg oN aN ålterNaTe RoaD oF ReaLiTy

ThiS ^piC above^ iS aN exampLe oF sOMe hanDheLd BluR /\:>noTe tO seLf: aLwayS uSe thE tri-PoD

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