Saturday, June 19, 2010

WheN iT woRKs : iT'S PLaY / WoRshiP TiMe

happeneD heRe==
i forgeT hoW PS worKs--iT's beeN sO LonG!!
BuT i'M baCk iN thE saDDLe aGaiN..

ToDaY iS thE aNNiVeRsaRy oF mY SiSteR'S BirThDaY ,,,,,,
i NeVeR kneW whaT i haD unTiL ShE waS GoNe,,,,
BaD iS oNLy a TicK oF thE PenduLuM aWaY froM LoVe..
WaR iS a HearTbeaT aWaY froM PeaCe
DoeS oNe throW thE firsT stoNe oR leT GOD deciDe whO/oR whaT iS righT..
WhO\ oR whaT iS GOD???
WheN wE aRe groWinG uP GOD iS ouR MotheR oR FaTheR..
WheN wE geT oLdeR ThE PoLiCe taKe ouR paRenTs PLaCe aS AuthoRiTy...
{WheRe aM i GoinG wiTh thiS????


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