Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2nD daY MiSSeD { YesteRDaY }

WhaT couLd yoU eXpecT.?
weLL= aT LeasT i MaDe 443 withouT a MiSS
buT "i GiVe"\\UNCLE
iT's oVeR/
i don'T CaRe:

MiSSeD daYs iN/oF SeLfs...
jusT a ReFLecTioN oF a LiFe iN DisaRRaY
i oughT tO bE a
ShaMeD tO shaRe thiS
aNd i
buT HeY¬¬¬
DetaiL¬ belOw

zoOM belOW¬

i'M dyinG oF LiVeR diSeaSe,,
buT yoU knoW whaT...?
i don'T miNd.....
i haVe a simpLe beLieF thaT wheN i Die i wiLL iMMediaTeLy bE iN thE PresenCe oF JESUS_CHRIST † † †
AnD aLL aNiMosiTy, TroubLeS aNd PaiN oF ThiS WorLd wiLL bE ReplaCeD wiTh JoY aNd PeaCe aNd HarMoNy oF beinG iN ThE arMs oF mY SaVioR..


1 comment:

neene said...

this is such an interesting post
i am not sure that you missed any days
just that many became one

when i go away
it often takes me a week to catch up with posting
one just has to accept limitations
even within a daily practice
even after so many years
i have a day
when i actually forget to paint
it is the weirdest feeling at this point
it is so much a part of my life
but it happens

i love the zoom-in of the room
(such bright brilliant light)
those are halves of pods aren't they
mine turned into curly-ques when they dried

i know it's a small distinction
and it's only the half empty/half full argument
but it seems to me
that you are living with
(not dying of)
liver disease