Thursday, December 31, 2009

EveryDaY thE saMe==eVeN thO=NEW YEAR's EVE

iN The GardeN iN The DeaD-oF-Winter bLooMiNg=& iT=smeLLs liKe CreoSoTe..(veRy stroNg SaGey liKe)buT iT's noT saGe

i jusT thinK thiS iS beautifuL---
a GifT froM G_D
oNe oF thE lasT thinGs mY DaD dId waS tO PainT thiS LittLe BirD..
[aNd belieVe mE hE neVeR did aNythiNg DecoraTiVe oR arTsY]
thaT waS cOMing oN 30 yeaRs aGo..

1 comment:

neene said...

beautiful flowers
beautiful bird
wishing you a happy, healthy, colorful, light-filled & wondrous 2010