Sunday, December 13, 2009

aNd ouTsiDe ÷WhY? I asK mYseZLf~

TheRe iS No ReaSoN (noR rHYMe )
4 aNythiNg
saVe ∞G O D †
aNd ===== =+ = TiMe

iT reaLLy doesn'T maTTeR iF wE LiVe oR iF wE diE...
wE shoULdn'T aSk thE reaSoN whY?
JusT gO oN...
i KnoW _HE waNtS thE besT foR mE...
ThaT's aLL thaT MaTTeRs====
sOOOOOOO igNoRe thE PaiN (s)
PuT oN a HaPPy FaCe..
LiVe wiTh GraCe..
HaTe DirT..
CLeanLiNeSS iS NexT tO GoDLiNeSS...ThaT's whaT 'TheY SaY'
HiPp-hHOP=NOT-HiP- HiPppp== HooRaY! Yea! HeY!

haVe a NiCe DaY....
{ ∞GOD is GoD † } & aLL >GOOD!
PeaCe OuT`
i aM weLL,
ThanK YOU, verY MucH

1 comment:

neene said...

i often say that i am "good with pain"
that i have a high tolerance
but i wonder i this is really true